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The mission of the VAC Ministry School is to train and equip a new generation of excellent men and women who are anointed and passionate about Christ, who will use their gifts to positively influence their environment for God. The ACCSM curriculum includes three modules that can be condensed as needed, which allow the born again Christian to grow in their knowledge of God and build a solid foundation of the Word of God and then choose to deepen their knowledge, discover his gifts, talents and possibly enter into his call:


  • ACC Bible School - A three (3) year old program that gives you full Bible mastery, crowned with a graduation ceremony each year. See the content of the program by clicking here.


  • ACC Hebrew Roots - One (1) year program made with the agreement of the Institute for Hebrew Christian Studies (IHCS) of Richard Booker of Woodland, Texas. This training gives you all the knowledge you need about the Blood Covenant, the Hebrew roots of the church, and knowledge of Jewish culture, Biblical Judaism, and current rabbinical Judaism. This course will be awarded with a Diploma in Hebrew Roots from VAC. See the content of the program by clicking here.


  • ACC School of Leadership: For aspiring pastors and other business leaders called of God, this two (2) year program should equip you to enter into the Ministry to which God is calling you. See the content of the program by clicking here.


To register and learn more about the registration terms and conditions please contact us or write to

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